Apartment Box!


And now for the long awaited Apartment Related post!  I promise I will tell you all very soon how the apartment viewing went! But I forgot to scan some of the paperwork that goes with that post, and I don’t want to disappoint you guys with more poorly lit photographs.

What I can tell you though, is that I am collecting items for a new apartment!! The location is not set in stone (you’ll have to wait for my other post for that!), but I am definitely moving. I have created an ‘Apartment Box’  using a turquoise Rubbermaid tub. I don’t have a picture because it’s boring and filled with blankets. Sorry for the low quality photographs. The lighting here is a little bit funky.

I went through the kitchen here and collected all of my items to hide away before they get broken or “disappear”.

Pizza Cutter: $5 from Papa Murphy’s with a lifetime warranty. These things rock!

Silicone Basting Brush: Gift from my boyfriend

Mix n’ Chop: I think this is a Pampered Chef product, but I got it for Christmas from my mother last year. It’s really great for ground beef and mashed potatoes. So I should really just call it the ‘Masher’.

Sugar Spoon: This came from a flatwear set in my parents house. When I was a bit younger, I thought it was absolutely adorable and so I sneaked it out. I promise nobody has missed it, they didn’t even know what it is was.

Big Purple Coke Glasses: I have a third one of these but it is temporarily missing. I got all of these for free from a McDonalds promotional thing.

Little (read: adorable) Coke Glass: Won this at some party about a year ago.

I also have a small collection of Afghan blankets that I have inherited from my mother. Her mother made them several years ago, and my mother has called them the “Afaghans” for as long as I can remember. One is a blue and orange one that her mother (my grandmother) actually made for me. One is rainbow (I had to take it!) and one is pink and green. They have been gathering dust and getting musty in the laundry room for almost a decade. The familial connection really means nothing to me (yet, I’m sure it will later), but I love these blankets because they are warm, soft and colorful. Three of my favorite things. I also have a few miscellaneous blankets hanging around my room that will be added to the box when it is warmer and I no longer need them.

Now, for Shopping Trip #1 – Target. Total Spent? About three dollars.

I was shopping for some other items and couldn’t resist picking up a peeler.

Shopping Trip #2 – Dillons. Total Spent? $25

Top Photo: 2 wire cooling racks, two silicone spatulas, and eight small magnetic clips.

Bottom Photo: Metal measuring spoons/cups and a metal ice cream scoop. I spent about $5 on the measuring stuff to find an identical (plastic) set for $1 at WalMart. I have to make myself not dwell on this, because I know I would actually prefer metal. I broke a plastic measuring cup at work a few weeks ago just by drying it….

And I was very particular about the ice cream scoop I got. I didn’t care much about the other items but I knew I wanted a scoop with the trigger thingy and the trigger had to be metal. Otherwise, I would break it very quickly. It needs to withstand being dropped and thrown in the sink.

Shopping Trip #3 – WalMart. Total Spent? $30.

Dishes! This is a 16 piece dinner service that serves four. In beautiful red. Four dinner plates, four salad plates, four bowls and four mugs. Yes! All for $15. What a deal. I was really happy, because I almost paid for $25 for something almost identical.

Flatwear: This was also really exciting, because most of the flatwear sets at WalMart were $10 for 20 pieces. This is a $10 set for 48 pieces and an organizer. Woo!

Cutting Board: It was 2 bucks and is the perfect size for me.

Total Monies Spent? About 50 bucks. And I haven’t even finished yet!

As one of my Survivor prizes (I won Immunity twice before getting voted out and Reward once)…I got THIS:

12 identical glasses, for free. I am pleased.

So really all I have left that I think I need are a couple pots/pans, a can opener and utensils to cook with. Other than that, I am pretty set on the kitchen items. I’ll deal with furniture later. I live in a big college town, so if I play my cards right I can get a lot of free furniture in May.

Note: These trips were about a week apart and I am not doing anymore shopping for a least a month! I am now limiting myself to a trip per mont so I can save my money.

More crafts/apartment news to come later. Happy Holidays!


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