Getting Back on the Wagon


Hello all! I hope the new year finds you all in good health and happy days. I must apologize for my absence these past weeks, I got terribly caught up in the holidays and my blogging got stuck on the back burner. Whoops! In the meantime I have collected about six more Coke glasses, and I even bought a green one! I feel a little ashamed, it was an impulse purchase at the dollar store. I also bought a coffee scoop but I hated it and my oh-so-wonderful boyfriend bought me a tablespoon for coffee. It works perfectly. I know it’s not really a big deal, just a tablespoon. But I am a big fan of precision and measuring when it comes to coffee. Everything else…well, I am an eyeballer.

I wasn’t really a coffee drinker until several months ago when my aforementioned boyfriend bought a coffee maker and I started using it. Now, I am hooked. I absolutely LOVE coffee, with lots of cream and sugar and it’s just so delicious! The only problem is I’ve had far too much caffeine intake lately and so I’ve been prone to terrible headaches and fatigue. Thus, I have begun hunting for the perfect decaf. Needless to say, I am still hunting. Suggestions appreciated.

Why all the coffee talk? Because at last, I got my very own coffeemaker!! Yay! My mother bought it for me as a Christmas present and I am super excited. I couldn’t bear to leave it boxed up until I move out, but that’s okay. I also got coffee and a mug, but no filters. That oversight required a midnight trip to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. : )

^^ This is from a month ago. For some reason I never completed or posted it.

Happy February. Shame on me. I keep attempting to blog and it just keeps not happening. I either don’t have pictures or don’t have something to talk about or whatever. But I keep finding a reason to not do it. I’m determined to fix this tonight. Here are my updates for 2012:

  1. This semester is going far better than last semester! I am still suffering through gen eds but they are more interesting than last semester.
  2. My study skills need some serious improvement.
  3. I am in the middle of about three craft projects.
  4. I was doing a really good job of going to bed early and packing lunches and everything. These last two weeks I didn’t do so well. Time to get back into that. I’m going to bed at 10 pm tonight no matter what AND I already made my lunch for tomorrow.
  5. I hate technology. More on this later.
  6. I am aspiring to be a cleaner person this year. Better food, more sleep, more water, recycling, everything. I feel so guilty every time I throw away a plastic bottle. So I’ll stop throwing them away.
  7. I found a roommate, a townhome and should hear back tomorrow.

I know, I know, that last one was kind of a bombshell. Considering the idea for this blog was conceived by my desperation to find a new home, it sure has been pretty lacking in the home department. So here’s the update that I’ve been promising for so many weeks now. Sorry, no pictures.

Last December when I began blogging I made an appointment to see an apartment. I went, I saw, I loved.  615 square feet all to myself. A one bedroom, one bathroom with a washer and dryer, thankyouverymuch. It even had a glorious window bench in the bedroom that I absolutely adored. I applied and heard back within three days. I was approved! And subsequently jumping for joy. At an attempt to be wise and rational I decided not to sign a lease for a few weeks to let the idea settle and make sure I had all of my ducks in a row. Good thing too, because in those short weeks my hours at Job #2 were cut significantly, so much that I could no longer afford my 615 square feet and window bench. Sigh. Time for plan B. Given my hours at work and the fact that my city has outrageous property prices,  I began searching for a roommate. For any of you who have gone through this process, I applaud you. It is grueling, frustrating and an overall wild goose chase. Finding someone that is close in age, not a huge drinker, drug addict or overall psycho is quite difficult in a college town that was ranked in the top 10 party schools in the United States. When I would finally find a reasonable person, we would casually email for about three days before they would stop communicating. At last, at the end of January I found someone. A bit older, but still a student, and had an empty bedroom in a cute house. No washer/dryer, no window bench, but the rent was cheap and the girl was nice. We had everything sorted out except for signing the lease, when suddenly she changed her mind to help out a friend instead. Even bigger sigh. I was so glad to be done with the hunt, and all of a sudden I was thrown back into it again. No hard feelings though. Which brings me to present day. After about 10 more days of searching, I found someone. We met, hit it off, and saw the place together. I love the place more than the previous two combined (life is funny like that!) and it is within my price range. Also, the girl is wonderful. More on her later. The rent is a little high, but it’s a two story townhome with all of the things I’ve always wanted in my home. There’s a coat closet, which I know sounds silly but it’s important to me. A garage with full sized washer and dryer, fireplace, 1.5 bathrooms, a balcony, a nook and a huge kitchen. We hear back from the management company tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

So, there is my long awaited update. I’ll keep you posted (har, har).



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