Well hello there. I’m pretty sure it’s been an obscene amount of time since I’ve updated you guys, but I’ve been busy. As per my last post, I am MOVING. YAY! and now, a whole month later, I have moved. It is lovely. I wish I had pictures to show but unfortunately my camera got damaged in the move. Sigh. Oh well. I’m budgeting for a new one. In the meantime, I’ll just tell you that I’m in love.

The first day we (roommate! She’s sweet) and I got here, there was a door in our kitchen. Not to the kitchen, IN the kitchen. On the floor. With big scary nails poking out. Upset, I called the management company, who informed us we don’t have a furnace and that they’d be by tomorrow to install one and fix the door. It was three days before we got a new furnace and the door out of our kitchen. In that three days, it snowed. Twice. Not 24 hours after the new furnace was installed, it broke. Humph.

But, enough negativity. I left that behind at my old house. We now have a new furnace that works, and a new thermostat. Yay! I am almost fully moved in. I’m still working on getting decorations up and I have three boxes of stuff to put away. I also have a large box of stuff to donate. And lots of laundry to put away, but that’s for later.

I installed a nifty wordpress app for Android so hopefully I’ll be around more. I sure hope so, I have so much to say! Happy Spring!


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