A Little Bit of Everything


Well, hello there. Fair warning, these next couple of weeks will be a little slow as I wrap up school and finals. Good luck to anyone finishing up school, or other stressful projects. Summer is almost here!

I got my box from my foodie penpal today, Melissa at www.ourgeekylife.wordpress.com  I absolutely cannot wait until April 30th to reveal everything she sent me. She is amazing!!

If you want to know who I was matched with, visit Sonia at www.mexigarian.wordpress.com I love her blog.

Sorry for the wonky links, my computer is being difficult. But! Visit back here, and Sonia’s blog to see what I sent/received. It’s a really awesome thing.

Lindsey, at the Lean Green Bean, is in charge of setting up Foodie Penpals. It’s kind of her brain child.Visit  http://www.theleangreenbean.com/foodie-penpals/ for more information and come back April 30th!!

I stayed up too late last night studying for my psychology test, so this morning I just could not get out of bed. It is one of those days. The weather is also dreary and that makes everything a little bit more difficult. I’m getting coffee with my friend Trina at 4, hopefully that will provide some much-needed wake up and stress relief.

I’m trying to get back into working out. I did a decent job of exercising over spring break, but it’s just so dang difficult to do it regularly/on my own. I ride my bike to work quite often (or to pay utilities), which I enjoy immensely. That’s not enough regular exercise though.The good news is, a friend of mine is quite athletic and offered to work out with me. It’s so much easier to be regular when you’ve got someone holding you accountable. Once our schedules work out, we’ll be working out. Stayed tuned!

I’m still waiting on my camera to cooperate so I can share a new tutorial with you all.

Thank you for being patient with my technological difficulties! Have a wonderful Thursday.


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