Time With Mom.


As I was walking home today, I happened to be thinking about my brother coming back to Kansas and seeing my mother for Mother’s Day. Right that second, my phone rang and it was my mother! Things are weird like that. She invited me to go get a haircut and I figured sure, why not? I haven’t had a haircut since December so it certainly needed it.

What started as an impromptu phone call somehow turned into a lovely afternoon with my mom. Our relationship has improved considerably since I moved out. Instead of her ragging on me to do the dishes, I’m assuring her that it’s alright if she leaves me dirty dishes. After all, that’s what dishwashers are for!

We tried out a new salon that we both LOVED. My hair is so light and pretty! And then we made a stop at the pet store and I am now the proud new owner of some fishies! I’ve been meaning to get some for awhile now, but haven’t had a chance. They really liven up my dull apartment. Hope my roommate doesn’t mind!! 🙂

We did a little bit of clothes shopping before calling it a night. I bought a dress, some much-needed sandals and shorts for summer. All very cute, and so very un-me. Hopefully I’ll get some pics up soon.

Spending time with Mom really makes me appreciate our relationship. Even though we bicker and don’t get along sometimes, she’s still my mom and I love her dearly. She’s very wise (although certainly not about anything domestic!) And can be relied on to be available for a good long rant. I’m grateful to have her in my life, and I don’t say that enough. Too bad she’ll never read this.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, pick up the phone and let your mom know you love her, just because. It’ll make her day.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?


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