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I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. I spent Saturday helping my dad sell at the farmer’s market and I made some pocket change :). It was a really long day though, so afterwards I took a lovely nap. And by nap, I mean I slept for 15 hours. Not kidding. I haven’t been able to sleep anywhere close to that long since early high school. Nowadays, I’m up by 10 or 11. If I go to bed reeaally late, I can maybe manage noon, but that’s pushing it. Oh, how old I feel! The rest of the weekend involved lots of relaxation and a visit to Andres’ baby brother, Zebian. That kid is so adorable! I’m so looking forward to watching him grow. He has the most animated face when he’s sleeping, it cracks me up. He should start smiling in a few weeks and I know his mom and I are both REALLY excited for that.

Anyway, time for an apartment update! I know it’s really depressing that none of my posts have pictures, and I will have to change that. So please, bear with me for now. 🙂 The apartment is still going pretty well, more fish will be coming next week. I’m cooking fairly often, and I’ve taken to making double batches and freezing what I can. It’s really quite handy and saves me time, but also gives me more options for what to make when I already have the ingredients on hand. Still having problems keeping my grocery budget in check.

As far as roommates go, the one I initially signed with is traveling this summer, so I’ve got a sublet. Roommate #1 was nice, but didn’t clean (this is the one who burned the countertop) and wasn’t very respectful. Roommate #2 is nice, and cleans relatively well, but she is in her room. All. The. Time. I mean literally, all the time. If she is home, she is in her room. It’s kind of sad, but whatever.

So, for those reasons and many more (I found a fish head on the kitchen floor one night…) I would like to move. We’ll see how it goes. I’m currently trying to find a roommate/place to go. Hopefully I can kind find something.

Have a lovely end to the week!


What I Ate Wednesday – Pictureless Edition :(


Remember how I told no less than six hours ago that I would finally remember to take pictures for WIAW? Well, I forgot. I have one picture, and it’s not even a good picture. So, since I promised I would do WIAW, I shall! Just without pictures. But trust me, it was delightful. Maybe next week….

Brunch: 3 slices thick sliced bacon and two slices of french toast with butter and syrup. Thick sliced bacon is the bomb. And I used to make french toast batter by just whisking eggs with some milk, like my dad taught me. Now, thanks to inspiration from Andres, I whisk an egg with a dash of vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. Sometimes, if I have some, I add some half and half or heavy cream. Mmm. Try it. It’s yummy.

Snack: Fat free vanilla yogurt with french vanilla almond granola (so delightful!) sprinkled with ghirardelli chocolate chips, fruit cup (pears!) and diet cherry 7up. The amount of cherry 7up I drink is a little bit disturbing…..I need to drink way more water and way less fruity soda. 

Dinner: Rotini with Prego traditional pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. Simple. Delicious. Don’t forget the cherry 7Up.

After Dinner Snack: Skittles Riddles (it’s also disturbing how many of these I ate) and some licorice bites. Andres and I were playing Monopoly….which inevitably means we eat WAY too much candy. We need to work on that.

Sorry for the lack of pictures! But there you have it, my very first WIAW. Finally. At least I’m making progress, right?



Hi friends!

I apologize for leaving you hanging. I hinted Thursday that I had something I was excited about, and that I would tell you about it on Friday. And I fully planned on it, but life got in the way and I came down with a nasty cold. I completely forgot about blogging until this morning. So, here’s an update.

I currently attend the University of Kansas, which has an undergraduate population of about 30,000. I planned on studying education, but I wasn’t really crazy about KU. So far, it just hasn’t been working out. I hope to elaborate on this more in a later post, but for now I’ll settle for telling you that my first year kind of sucked. My grades are okay, but I haven’t really met a lot of people and that’s been rather difficult. So I started exploring my options outside of KU. I landed on Emporia State University, about an hour and a half away from Lawrence. I figured before I made any big decisions, I ought to explore the campus. And explore, I did. Andres and I drove down together on Friday and made a campus visit. We had some car trouble, so we missed the first half but that’s okay. It was just a meeting about financial aid and the residence hall tours. I have no intention of living in the residence halls and since I already attend a university, I’ve gotten my feet wet in terms of how to pay for school. In short, I loved the campus. It was so much smaller, so much more intimate (an undergrad population of 4000. Wow). It was still gorgeous and had kinds of fountains and benches and flowers scattered everywhere. And they have a planetarium. How cool is that?! Not to mention, they have the best elementary education program in the state. And they are fourth in the nation. Stanford is third. That’s a pretty great program. As much as I’d love to transfer over there this August, that’s a bit illogical. Too much is going on this summer to make that feasible. But, my plan is to transfer there for my junior year of college. And I am SO. EXCITED.

As we were driving back to Lawrence on Friday, I started feeling really sick. I have a weak immune system, and I don’t handle travel very well. Not to mention, I’d just finished the most stressful week of the semester. I took a nap that evening (such an exciting way to spend friday night, I know) but still felt yucky. Working the next morning didn’t help much either, and I collapsed in bed the minute I got home. I took some cold medicine and my boyfriend took care of me for a very long three days. I slept for most of it (NyQuil is a wonderful thing). I don’t think I’ve eaten so much jello in my life.  Or cooked pears. So much pear!

Yesterday, I was feeling better so Andres and I headed up to the hospital, but not for me! His step-mom was giving birth to his brand-new baby brother, Zebian. It’s crazy, how cool babies can be! He’s such an adorable kiddo, and has an amazing amount of hair. Even his back has hair! I didn’t know that was possible, for babies to have so much back hair. Eeee!

Now that it’s Wednesday I’m almost completely better. My appetite is definitely coming back, and I feel great. Yay!!

Stay tuned this evening for my first ever What I Ate Wednesday post! I’ve been trying to do it for weeks, but I always forget until Wednesday evening and then I don’t have any photographs. But today, I remembered! So come back in a couple of hours 🙂




Let me just start this entry by letting out a huge sigh of relief and exhaustion. This week concludes my first year at college, which means it was time for finals. I mentioned earlier that I wouldn’t be around much because of it. But here’s the rundown of this week.

Monday: Final #1 at 1:30 and philosophy (don’t ever take a philosophy class 🙂 ) paper due at midnight.

Tuesday: Work from 9:30 to 3:00. Why I thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

Wednesday: Final #2 at 8:30, walked out feeling great, let’s see what my grades say. Work from 9:00 – 5:00. Fun, but tiring.

Thursday: Final #3 at 7:30 (that’s AM, folks!) and work from 10 to 7. It was supposed to only be til 4, but technology doesn’t usually have regard for my plans 🙂 Oh well.

Friday: Paper #2 (poetry) due by 10 am. But I’m awesome and turned it in at 12 pm today. Yay!

Alas, I am officially on summer vacation. I hope to have a post on college life shortly, but my brain is fried. I am sad I won’t be able to sleep in tomorrow, but it’s completely worth it. Come back tomorrow to find out why. 🙂


Happy Thursday! Happy SUMMER.

Apartment Update!


I figured it’s time for another apartment post. I haven’t really updated the blog about my apartment since I announced that I had moved in.


-It’s a really quiet location, despite being in the student ghetto. Sometimes I hear shouts on Friday and Saturday nights, but for the most part I’m involved in my own things and I don’t notice.

-The walk to school/work has been awesome. It takes ten minutes (uphill) to get to job #1 and my classes. It’s a 15 minute walk to job #2, or a ten minute bike ride.

-My roommate is almost never home

-We got a new dishwasher! Ours broke and maintenance came and replaced it. How lovely.

-I got fish! It sort of started out as a joke between my roommate and I. I left behind two lovely dogs and six cats (we call my mother the crazy cat lady) at my old house. I miss them terribly. Apparently, they miss me too. My roommate suggested I get fish. I shrugged it off, but then I decided it was actually a good idea. I got a fish bowl and a couple of fish. After an incident involving some new rocks and a lot of dirt, I quickly upgraded to an actual tank with a filter and bubbler. My boyfriend had all of the tank stuff (we tried to get some fish last year, but it didn’t go so well), so I was able to use his. He’s planning on getting a much larger this summer anyway. The fish are awesome and make me so happy. I will get some more in a month when all the tank cycling stuff finishes, at least that’s what the pet store people tell me.

-The apartment stays pretty cool on its own.

-Because of that, and other things, our utility bills have been pretty low.

-Being able to cook (or not cook!) whenever I want is really nice.

-The students will be leaving soon, which means lots of free furniture to be discovered

-I can run in the city whenever I want

-Great internet


-Walking uphill to class every day (but my, do I save on gas!)

-I’m spending WAAAY too much on food. I already need to adjust my grocery budget, but I’m also just spending because I can and that’s an awful habit to get into.

-Between my roommate and I’s appliances and kitchen items, we do not have nearly enough counter space. Or pantry space. My half of the pantry is SO disorganized. Any suggestions?

-My roommate’s trashcan smells weird. Like, bad weird.

-Low pressure shower head. I’ve actually purchased a new shower head but I don’t own a wrench so I can’t replace it. My dad is going to help out on this one.

-Typical roommate problems, except for a few more serious ones. We’ve got a huge burn on our countertop from a kitchen incident. And, she went through a phase where she wanted to sublease to her boyfriend. I think we’ve nipped that in the bud though. Besides that, it’s really just things like who cleans what and such.

-I haven’t had a lot of time to organize/decorate

-My room is a mess 🙂

-It’s too easy to have my boyfriend over late every night and not sleep enough

-Not having to fight for the shower

-Smallish water heater, so I can’t take super long showers. But hey, that means a lower water bill!

Overall, it’s been pretty great and definitely a learning experience. My stress level has decreased overall (I am a much calmer person), but has increased for some things like bills and finances and work. I hope to start posting recipes and workout stuff soon. I haven’t had a chance to cook much lately.

The other day I realized had an unused box of sidewalk chalk in my closet, so I called up a couple friends and we sat in the driveway making pretty pictures with chalk, something I haven’t done in years. It was really a wonderful evening, and I love the spontaneity.

Please note the small pink stick figure being shocked by the lightning bolt, courtesy of my friend Lauren.

My favorite thing that I’ve made so far as definitely been these. I omitted the green onions though.


What were some of the things you learned from your first apartment?