Apartment Update!


I figured it’s time for another apartment post. I haven’t really updated the blog about my apartment since I announced that I had moved in.


-It’s a really quiet location, despite being in the student ghetto. Sometimes I hear shouts on Friday and Saturday nights, but for the most part I’m involved in my own things and I don’t notice.

-The walk to school/work has been awesome. It takes ten minutes (uphill) to get to job #1 and my classes. It’s a 15 minute walk to job #2, or a ten minute bike ride.

-My roommate is almost never home

-We got a new dishwasher! Ours broke and maintenance came and replaced it. How lovely.

-I got fish! It sort of started out as a joke between my roommate and I. I left behind two lovely dogs and six cats (we call my mother the crazy cat lady) at my old house. I miss them terribly. Apparently, they miss me too. My roommate suggested I get fish. I shrugged it off, but then I decided it was actually a good idea. I got a fish bowl and a couple of fish. After an incident involving some new rocks and a lot of dirt, I quickly upgraded to an actual tank with a filter and bubbler. My boyfriend had all of the tank stuff (we tried to get some fish last year, but it didn’t go so well), so I was able to use his. He’s planning on getting a much larger this summer anyway. The fish are awesome and make me so happy. I will get some more in a month when all the tank cycling stuff finishes, at least that’s what the pet store people tell me.

-The apartment stays pretty cool on its own.

-Because of that, and other things, our utility bills have been pretty low.

-Being able to cook (or not cook!) whenever I want is really nice.

-The students will be leaving soon, which means lots of free furniture to be discovered

-I can run in the city whenever I want

-Great internet


-Walking uphill to class every day (but my, do I save on gas!)

-I’m spending WAAAY too much on food. I already need to adjust my grocery budget, but I’m also just spending because I can and that’s an awful habit to get into.

-Between my roommate and I’s appliances and kitchen items, we do not have nearly enough counter space. Or pantry space. My half of the pantry is SO disorganized. Any suggestions?

-My roommate’s trashcan smells weird. Like, bad weird.

-Low pressure shower head. I’ve actually purchased a new shower head but I don’t own a wrench so I can’t replace it. My dad is going to help out on this one.

-Typical roommate problems, except for a few more serious ones. We’ve got a huge burn on our countertop from a kitchen incident. And, she went through a phase where she wanted to sublease to her boyfriend. I think we’ve nipped that in the bud though. Besides that, it’s really just things like who cleans what and such.

-I haven’t had a lot of time to organize/decorate

-My room is a mess 🙂

-It’s too easy to have my boyfriend over late every night and not sleep enough

-Not having to fight for the shower

-Smallish water heater, so I can’t take super long showers. But hey, that means a lower water bill!

Overall, it’s been pretty great and definitely a learning experience. My stress level has decreased overall (I am a much calmer person), but has increased for some things like bills and finances and work. I hope to start posting recipes and workout stuff soon. I haven’t had a chance to cook much lately.

The other day I realized had an unused box of sidewalk chalk in my closet, so I called up a couple friends and we sat in the driveway making pretty pictures with chalk, something I haven’t done in years. It was really a wonderful evening, and I love the spontaneity.

Please note the small pink stick figure being shocked by the lightning bolt, courtesy of my friend Lauren.

My favorite thing that I’ve made so far as definitely been these. I omitted the green onions though.


What were some of the things you learned from your first apartment?


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