Hi friends!

I apologize for leaving you hanging. I hinted Thursday that I had something I was excited about, and that I would tell you about it on Friday. And I fully planned on it, but life got in the way and I came down with a nasty cold. I completely forgot about blogging until this morning. So, here’s an update.

I currently attend the University of Kansas, which has an undergraduate population of about 30,000. I planned on studying education, but I wasn’t really crazy about KU. So far, it just hasn’t been working out. I hope to elaborate on this more in a later post, but for now I’ll settle for telling you that my first year kind of sucked. My grades are okay, but I haven’t really met a lot of people and that’s been rather difficult. So I started exploring my options outside of KU. I landed on Emporia State University, about an hour and a half away from Lawrence. I figured before I made any big decisions, I ought to explore the campus. And explore, I did. Andres and I drove down together on Friday and made a campus visit. We had some car trouble, so we missed the first half but that’s okay. It was just a meeting about financial aid and the residence hall tours. I have no intention of living in the residence halls and since I already attend a university, I’ve gotten my feet wet in terms of how to pay for school. In short, I loved the campus. It was so much smaller, so much more intimate (an undergrad population of 4000. Wow). It was still gorgeous and had kinds of fountains and benches and flowers scattered everywhere. And they have a planetarium. How cool is that?! Not to mention, they have the best elementary education program in the state. And they are fourth in the nation. Stanford is third. That’s a pretty great program. As much as I’d love to transfer over there this August, that’s a bit illogical. Too much is going on this summer to make that feasible. But, my plan is to transfer there for my junior year of college. And I am SO. EXCITED.

As we were driving back to Lawrence on Friday, I started feeling really sick. I have a weak immune system, and I don’t handle travel very well. Not to mention, I’d just finished the most stressful week of the semester. I took a nap that evening (such an exciting way to spend friday night, I know) but still felt yucky. Working the next morning didn’t help much either, and I collapsed in bed the minute I got home. I took some cold medicine and my boyfriend took care of me for a very long three days. I slept for most of it (NyQuil is a wonderful thing). I don’t think I’ve eaten so much jello in my life.  Or cooked pears. So much pear!

Yesterday, I was feeling better so Andres and I headed up to the hospital, but not for me! His step-mom was giving birth to his brand-new baby brother, Zebian. It’s crazy, how cool babies can be! He’s such an adorable kiddo, and has an amazing amount of hair. Even his back has hair! I didn’t know that was possible, for babies to have so much back hair. Eeee!

Now that it’s Wednesday I’m almost completely better. My appetite is definitely coming back, and I feel great. Yay!!

Stay tuned this evening for my first ever What I Ate Wednesday post! I’ve been trying to do it for weeks, but I always forget until Wednesday evening and then I don’t have any photographs. But today, I remembered! So come back in a couple of hours 🙂



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