What I Ate Wednesday – Pictureless Edition :(


Remember how I told no less than six hours ago that I would finally remember to take pictures for WIAW? Well, I forgot. I have one picture, and it’s not even a good picture. So, since I promised I would do WIAW, I shall! Just without pictures. But trust me, it was delightful. Maybe next week….

Brunch: 3 slices thick sliced bacon and two slices of french toast with butter and syrup. Thick sliced bacon is the bomb. And I used to make french toast batter by just whisking eggs with some milk, like my dad taught me. Now, thanks to inspiration from Andres, I whisk an egg with a dash of vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. Sometimes, if I have some, I add some half and half or heavy cream. Mmm. Try it. It’s yummy.

Snack: Fat free vanilla yogurt with french vanilla almond granola (so delightful!) sprinkled with ghirardelli chocolate chips, fruit cup (pears!) and diet cherry 7up. The amount of cherry 7up I drink is a little bit disturbing…..I need to drink way more water and way less fruity soda. 

Dinner: Rotini with Prego traditional pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. Simple. Delicious. Don’t forget the cherry 7Up.

After Dinner Snack: Skittles Riddles (it’s also disturbing how many of these I ate) and some licorice bites. Andres and I were playing Monopoly….which inevitably means we eat WAY too much candy. We need to work on that.

Sorry for the lack of pictures! But there you have it, my very first WIAW. Finally. At least I’m making progress, right?


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