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Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!


The Lean Green Bean

Greetings! I know I’ve been gone for awhile, but I’ve been swamped with various activities. I will be back soon. But, for today, I came to tell you all about Foodie Penpals, the brainchild of Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. It’s a really great program – you should check it out!

Basically, you sign up to receive a box of goodies from a stranger in the mail, and you send a box of goodies to another stranger. It’s super fun! I love getting mail.

Anyway, I sent a box of yummies to Erika at You Just Did What?!

And, I got a box from Jen at One Curly Fry in a Box of the Regular.  I told Jen that I really like snacks, and what did I get? A kickass box of snackies from Philly. Yum!

First up: Butterscotch Krimpets.What are butterscotch krimpets you ask? Only delightful spongecake with butterscotch icing. Hello, deliciousness!


The other thing I told Jen is that I love granola. Or maybe I didn’t, I forget. She might’ve just intuited that I am obsessed with granola. Either way, she definitely came through by sending me this HUGE bag of PB&J granola. I have never heard of such a thing, but it is SO YUMMY. Oh my goodness. Go try some. Right. Now. It is most definitely worth it.


Also, I’m sorry the pictures suck. It was a sunny day and I was too excited about my box to try to take better pictures. I knew I had to be quick with the picture taking, otherwise my goodies would be gobbled up before I had a chance to photograph them. I have a massive sweet tooth.

I also received some tasty peanut chews. They were basically chopped peanuts coated with chocolate. I was surprised at how much I liked these, they were quite yummy but not too sweet. Which, somehow, ended up being a great combination.


I wasn’t kidding about rushing to take the pictures. I knew if I took them out of their baggies, they would not last.

Speaking of not lasting, I ripped into these immediately. Image

Pomegranate White Tea Gummy Pandas. Not gummy bears, gummy pandas. How insanely adorable is that?! Also, I looooooooooooove everything pomegranate and these were no exception. Oh. My. Goodness. It had a convenient zipper thingy on the bag, but I was so impatient to try these that I quickly gave up and just cut the bag open. It was definitely worth it. Don’t judge me. Try them, you’ll understand!


And a gigantic bag of YUMMY pretzels.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, tootsie pop drops!


I’ve never heard of these until Jen sent them to me. But, I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for them. They were AWESOME. Just like tootsie pops but without the stick. These lasted maybe…ten minutes. Just as long as it took for me to eat them all by myself as fast as humanly possible. They’re THAT good.

Thanks for a GREAT box, Jen.


TOMS Repair Update


Back in March, I made a post about how to repair worn TOMS. I figured it was time for an update on how my repairs are holding up.

For the silver Glitters – I wear these more often, but they were far less damaged than my other ones.

There is a rip in the heels again, but it is much smaller than before. When I break out the hot glue gun, I plan on scraping off the excess glue and regluing it.

The patches on the sides have held up pretty well. There are no noticeable breaks in the patching. Also, it’s super comfortable.

For the navy ones with yellow oceany fabric –

-Not as comfortable. Part of it is that the leather is messed up from being put in the dryer (I would seriously recommend NOT putting your TOMS in the dryer!!) But part of it is the enormous amount of hot glue I used. I would definitely use the hot glue method again, I would just be a little more conservative with the glue.

-The patches/heels are holding up pretty well though. Especially my “water-proofing”. I stepped in a giant puddle and while the shoe got wet, no water got inside the shoe. Yay for hot glue!

-The yellow fabric is starting to come up at the edges slightly. If I had used fabric glue, I imagine this would not happen as much but I am not sure. Also, I did a pretty rough job around the edges.


Overall, I am VERY pleased with the results. But, it is still time for me to get some new TOMS….Maybe these? But too many Dorothy jokes…So about turquoise?


What are your favorite TOMS?


Wonderful Weekend.


I am in a CRAZY good mood. I had a four day weekend, so my boyfriend and I spent lots of time having fun. I think Saturday was pretty uneventful, just lots of relaxing. On Sunday however, we drove up to Kansas City to see Prometheus at the IMAX. Andres had some gift cards to the AMC theatre that he got about a year ago when he resigned his lease. So, we finally put them to good use. Well, he did. Me, not so much. I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi (Star Trek excluded). Well, mostly alien sci-fi. Aliens freak me out. Massively. I have a verrrry overactive imagination, so I remember the creepy crawlies at the worst times and can’t stop shuddering. Take Apollo 18, which should NEVER ever be mistaken for Apollo 13. I did that, and still get creeped out if Andres mentions the creatures in that movie. No spoilers. Just, don’t watch it.

Anyway, back to Prometheus. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it was Andres’ idea to watch this movie,  and not mine. And overall, it was a pretty good movie. But, it was too graphic for me. So graphic, that for the first time in my entire life, I had to leave a theatre before the movie was finished. And I’ve got a pretty strong stomach. You have been warned.

After the movie, we went shopping. Yay! I suppose this evens out the bad movie (which Andres loved, by the way). I won’t go into details here, but I got some very cute clothes and I’m really excited about my now-full closet. When I first moved into my apartment, I took all of the things that don’t fit or that I NEVER wear and bagged them up. Once I remember to throw them in  my car, I will donate them. For now, they’re taking up space in my living room. I’m glad I did this because I had lots of clothes that I haven’t worn since I was in junior high. But, it also left me with a very bare closet. I’ve been telling Andres every other week for about the duration of our relationship (poor guy) that I need new clothes. So, we finally went shopping.

After spending too much money shopping, we went to dinner on the plaza. Seeing as we’re both poor college students, this is a very rare occurrence. But, we’re both working full time this summer, so I decided we should treat ourselves. Enter The Melting Pot . If you’ve never had fondue, and you’re lucky enough to have one of these nearby, go immediately! It’s expensive, but it’s completely worth it.

Overall, a lovely weekend. Monday came all too early and Andres had to go back to work. I’m lucky though, because I got yesterday and today off :). So I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned some more. And now I think I’m finally 100% moved in. It only took me about four months!

And now for the best news of all. Remember back when I got fish? Well, my aquarium finished cycling, and I added a few more fish and a couple snails. How cool!! But, one of the first fish I got is PREGNANT!!! Oh my goodness. I’m so excited! I’m not totally sure what to do about a pregnant fish, so I’m just going to learn as I go. Yayayay!

How was your weekend??