TOMS Repair Update


Back in March, I made a post about how to repair worn TOMS. I figured it was time for an update on how my repairs are holding up.

For the silver Glitters – I wear these more often, but they were far less damaged than my other ones.

There is a rip in the heels again, but it is much smaller than before. When I break out the hot glue gun, I plan on scraping off the excess glue and regluing it.

The patches on the sides have held up pretty well. There are no noticeable breaks in the patching. Also, it’s super comfortable.

For the navy ones with yellow oceany fabric –

-Not as comfortable. Part of it is that the leather is messed up from being put in the dryer (I would seriously recommend NOT putting your TOMS in the dryer!!) But part of it is the enormous amount of hot glue I used. I would definitely use the hot glue method again, I would just be a little more conservative with the glue.

-The patches/heels are holding up pretty well though. Especially my “water-proofing”. I stepped in a giant puddle and while the shoe got wet, no water got inside the shoe. Yay for hot glue!

-The yellow fabric is starting to come up at the edges slightly. If I had used fabric glue, I imagine this would not happen as much but I am not sure. Also, I did a pretty rough job around the edges.


Overall, I am VERY pleased with the results. But, it is still time for me to get some new TOMS….Maybe these? But too many Dorothy jokes…So about turquoise?


What are your favorite TOMS?



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