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Mini Sausage & Mushroom Quiche


Today is Saturday. That means sleeping in. But apparently, today it does not.  I was up at 9:30. Ridiculous. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I figured I should just get up and be productive. I decided I wouldn’t only be productive, but I would surprise Andres with breakfast. He is so so so good to me, and I wanted to do something nice for him. Quiche has been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought that was a good route. But, making or buying the crust seemed like such an unnecessary hassle – it is Saturday after all. Enter Crustless Quiches. I love Google. I was initially looking for something with mushrooms because Andres loves them. I hate them, but that’s another story. And then I found these. Perfect. However, I somehow had none of the ingredients on hand. I got a dozen eggs last night (pumpkin pancakes and eggs for dinner!) and I wish I could say I still have eggs left. I don’t. Minus the one egg needed for the pancakes, Andres and I gobbled up 11 eggs by ourselves. That’s 5.5 eggs each. They were soooooooooooo yummy. Brown eggs are the best.

Anyway, the quiches turned out extremely delicious. And they apparently freeze really well. I am testing this currently. I used pork sausage instead of turkey sausage though, because Checkers makes their own sausage with their own seasonings (I think they do all of the meat processing there too) and it is by far the best sausage I have ever had. I refuse to buy sausage anywhere else. It’s super cheap too, I paid about $2 for over a pound of sausage.  I really love Checkers overall. They are locally owned and operated, and provide as much local food/produce/stuff as they can. Also, they’re super cheap and open 24 hours. My favorite grocery store.

I also did not let them cool completely. Because a, I cannot be reasonably expected to wait 15 minutes for deliciousness to cool before eating it, and b, cold eggs are disgusting. But I do suggest letting them cool long enough so that you don’t burn your tongue.

Also, you know what I really like? Cherries attached to one stem. I bought a pound the other day and discovered these lovely goodies.

Four cherries on one stem? That’s kind of awesome. And then I found three. And then two. Best box of cherries ever. I wish I could say these lasted me longer than 24 hours….





Work in Progress


I recently started cooking more using healthy-ish recipes. And I’m having a really great time doing it. It’s super fun. I know that sounds really obvious and kind of silly. But, I grew up in a house where if you wanted something fun for dinner, you had to make it. And fresh produce for cooking? Yeah, good luck on that one. There was plenty of fruit in the house, but it never lasted more than a day or so before my brothers and mom gobbled it up. Also, three boys? Any kind of organizational system I attempted in the fridge and cupboards was destroyed within hours. That is only a slight understatement. So, I rarely baked or cooked because it was so frustrating. The main meals were cereal, mac and cheese, burgers, or hamburger helper. I am so not kidding.

When I moved out, I was thrilled because I was finally able to cook whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And my organizational systems didn’t get ruined. Clearly, that is working out well for me. Don’t judge me. I know where everything is. All the time. 🙂 It’s a work in progress. Also, please pretend you do not see an almost-empty bag of candy. I don’t want to talk about it.

My fridge is actually semi-organized. I know you don’t believe me, but that’s okay. I’ll show you sometime. Right now, I’m too lazy to take a picture.

Anyway! Even though I had the ability to cook whatever I wanted, I didn’t exactly have a lot of experience. I knew how to cook, but I didn’t know what to cook. I didn’t have a bunch of super easy, quick recipes just jumping out of my brain and since I’m quite shy, I was too afraid to try anything. Confession. I am terrified of failure. I have a huge struggle with myself on an almost daily basis about ridiculous things. I have parked a block away from my apartment instead of trying to parallel park right outside the door. More than once. I wish I was kidding.

The same goes for cooking. For several months, Andres and I ate a lot of pizza and pasta and take-out because I had no idea what to cook. Finally, I got fed up with how much money I was spending on food that I could probably make myself. And I LOVE cooking. So does Andres. And all of the eating out was really starting to hurt both of our wallets. So, I grabbed my cookbook and I found a recipe for an “Easy Risotto” that sounded good. I had the wrong kind of rice and I had to run to the store in the middle of cooking to get peas, but I did it. And it was delicious. Far more delicious than I was expecting.

I don’t feel as limited in the kitchen anymore. I know that there is A LOT that I don’t know but that’s okay. I’m sure sometime soon I will attempt a recipe that will blow up in my face and I may or may not get upset. I have a lot of dinners planned for next week and I’m really excited. Maybe they’ll taste good, maybe they won’t. But I promise you I’ll learn something from every one. And I think each one will make me a little less afraid and little more confident. Win-win.

Also, it really helps to have someone like Andres that won’t make fun of me when I mess up.  And he’ll go so far out of his way to make me laugh. Like this.

Yeah, that’s a whole plum. In his mouth. Just ’cause, you know, we’re awesome. Or something. I sense some fun kitchen adventures coming up!



It’s pretty rare that I am suddenly struck with a great blog post idea. Even less rare that it occurs as I am trying to sleep, at midnight. Despite my inevitable tiredness in the morning, I will not look this gift horse in the mouth. I am so glad I finally feel like I have something worthwhile to write about!!

Several really exciting things happened to me today  yesterday. In the last 24 hours.

1. Andres and I baked these. Homemade pizza rolls as a midnight snack? Yes please! They were even more delicious than we anticipated. I have a bowl of the filling and the extra wonton wrappers in my fridge. I plan on making more. The ones that don’t get munched will be frozen for another night. Thanks, Cassie! In case anybody isn’t familiar with Cassie’s blog, Back to Her Roots, I encourage you to immediately start reading it. I read it daily. And I check it far more often than daily. Cassie is super inspiring and posts great recipes. Can you get much better than homemade pizza rolls? Yeah, she can. Hard Cider Salmon and Veggie Packets , anyone?

2. I have found a camera! If you’ve been around for this post or that one, then you are probably already familiar with my lamentations about only having my phone for pictures. I’m currently saving up to get a new camera, because my phone blurs more often than not. But! I was looking through an old box this evening and I found my moms’ old camera. I’m so excited! It has a tiny screen and lens and barely more megapixels than my smartphone, but it’s an actual camera! Finally, you should being some better pictures around this blog. Yay!!!!

3. Speaking of pictures, I got to see this kid twice in the last two days.

Isn’t he just the cutest baby ever? Um. Yes. He is. He’s Andres’ baby brother. He’s seven weeks old. Six or so in the above image. Man, I’m a goner! I think he likes me. When I changed his diaper today, he let out this ginormous coo. And my heart melted. Talk about cute.

4. Foodie Penpal Postings are sent out today!!! Yay!

5. I have found an exercise partner! My friend Lauren and I were lamenting our gooeyness so we are going to work together to fix it. Starting by playing tennis on Saturday. I used to play tennis in junior high and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I haven’t played in years. But that won’t stop me! We’re going to have loads of fun.

6. I should be posting delicious food soon! Andres and I fell into a slump where we had the same sort of meal combinations in our pantries (read: sandwiches, pasta, and pizza) and so we started eating out a lot. Not only is this not healthy for our bodies, it takes quite of bit from our wallets too. Also, Andres was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few years ago, so all the sugar we inevitably eat is not good for either of us. We both love cooking, and since we eat most dinners together already, I’ve started attempting to create balanced meals for us. And we can take the leftovers for lunch the next day, making it even more budget and waistline conscious! Yay!

7. I go back to work tomorrow! I had some health problems earlier in the week, but tomorrow I will finally get back to my job. So excited.

Happy Fourth of July!