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Sleepless Shopping Spree


I’m sure you’re all wondering just how my affair with Mountain Dew ended. Not well. After a sleepless night, I went to my boyfriends’ apartment at 7 am, was loopy and giggling about donuts for twenty minutes and then promptly fell asleep in his oh-so-soft bed. He went to class and I napped for a glorious 120 minutes. Then had a very cranky shower and a sloshy cup of delicious coffee. Word to the Wise: Coffee + Driving = Sloshy Coffee. Did that actually rhyme or am I still loopy?

Anyway, I finished school at an unusually early 1 pm. I contemplated going into work for a few hours but instead I went SHOPPING! Mostly for craft supplies to begin my innumerable projects but I got a few treats for myself as well.My bounty rests below and I’ll leave you all to your imaginations about what I am going to make! Project posts should follow soon.

Dollar Store: 4 5×6 frames and 2 11×14 frames

Home Depot: Wooden drawer pulls and 1/2 inch magnets

Michaels: Another tub of buttons, red/yellow/blue/white acrylic paint (dang it, I just remembered I forgot the brushes!), craft glue, and a clearance wood marker I thought I would try. I skipped the spray paint, canvas and Mod Podge. Those are for another day.

Sally Beauty Supply: This has nothing to do with my projects. 5 itsy bitsy 99 cent bottles of gorgeous nail polish. Pictures to come later. Adorable!

Kohls: Hat on sale. Socks. Running shorts. Two sports bras (on sale, so really I just made a bargain, two for the price of one!)

Target: Water bottle (I’ve already lost two this semester, so I bought a cheap one), a peeler for my apartment box (explanation soon!), and a planner to help me improve my dreadful organization skills.

After three hours and over a mile of walking (Toms are terrible walking shoes!), my feet hurt and my bank account has significantly less in it. But I have a smile on my face and I can’t wait to start crafting. I think that’s all that really matters here.

Oh!  And I almost forgot to tell you all! Tomorrow I have an appointment to view the apartment I am strongly considering renting! Hip Hip Hooray!