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I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. I spent Saturday helping my dad sell at the farmer’s market and I made some pocket change :). It was a really long day though, so afterwards I took a lovely nap. And by nap, I mean I slept for 15 hours. Not kidding. I haven’t been able to sleep anywhere close to that long since early high school. Nowadays, I’m up by 10 or 11. If I go to bed reeaally late, I can maybe manage noon, but that’s pushing it. Oh, how old I feel! The rest of the weekend involved lots of relaxation and a visit to Andres’ baby brother, Zebian. That kid is so adorable! I’m so looking forward to watching him grow. He has the most animated face when he’s sleeping, it cracks me up. He should start smiling in a few weeks and I know his mom and I are both REALLY excited for that.

Anyway, time for an apartment update! I know it’s really depressing that none of my posts have pictures, and I will have to change that. So please, bear with me for now. 🙂 The apartment is still going pretty well, more fish will be coming next week. I’m cooking fairly often, and I’ve taken to making double batches and freezing what I can. It’s really quite handy and saves me time, but also gives me more options for what to make when I already have the ingredients on hand. Still having problems keeping my grocery budget in check.

As far as roommates go, the one I initially signed with is traveling this summer, so I’ve got a sublet. Roommate #1 was nice, but didn’t clean (this is the one who burned the countertop) and wasn’t very respectful. Roommate #2 is nice, and cleans relatively well, but she is in her room. All. The. Time. I mean literally, all the time. If she is home, she is in her room. It’s kind of sad, but whatever.

So, for those reasons and many more (I found a fish head on the kitchen floor one night…) I would like to move. We’ll see how it goes. I’m currently trying to find a roommate/place to go. Hopefully I can kind find something.

Have a lovely end to the week!