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Mushroom Magnetism


I have officially begun creating adorable (in my opinion) objects for my new apartment! Today’s project: Mushroom Magnets! I got my inspiration from Pinterest, and almost made these cute pencils. I realized though, that I really have no place for a jar full of pencils with mushroom toppers. As I browsed the aisles at Home Depot, the perfect solution came to me. Magnets!

Growing up, my parents weren’t exactly the type to post school work or shopping lists on the fridge with cute magnets. I tried to get them to a few times, with receipts and shopping lists but I soon discovered that I was the one who had to throw away the yellowed receipts dated two years prior. All of our magnets were the flat business card ones.

Back to today’s project.


-10 ½ inch magnetic discs. They don’t have to be ½ inch, I just picked the biggest ones that wouldn’t show over the edge of the drawer pulls. The man at Home Depot also said I could use magnetic tape, but I think this would only work well if I used an Xacto knife and a stencil.

-A few wooden drawer pulls (cabinet knobs). Mine are white birch, but the color only matters if you want the color of the pull to be the color of your stalk. When I do more, I think I will try plain wood.

-White acrylic paint (for the spots), primer (if you don’t want to use the white paint) and the color you want your mushrooms to be. I chose ‘Bright Red’ and ‘Bright Blue’. I have ‘Bright Yellow’ but since I only have three pulls, I will make yellow ones later. I want to make green too, but I have to buy the paint.

-Some form of adhesive. I used Tacky glue.

-A brush with a very small handle tip or something to make the spots with

-Brush/sponge to paint with


  1. Set up. The knobs have a hole in the base for attaching to cabinets/drawers. I found that putting the included screw (the longer one) in the hole and twisting it once or twice made for a really good way to hold the mushroom  and paint it at the same time.
  2. Prime the knobs. I used the white paint and it worked just fine. If you don’t use something though, then the color doesn’t seem to cover very well. For the ‘stalks’ you can prime them or leave them as wood. 
  3. Paint the top of the pull (what will be the ‘cap’) whatever color you like. I prefer the sponge for this first coat. Make sure your strokes go the same direction as the grain. I also painted two of the stalks red and left one white.
  4. Let dry. As the red knobs were drying, I realized I didn’t want red mushroom stalks so I added a thin coat of white paint, which mixed with the red. I used a small paint brush for this step so the strokes are a lot more prominent here. I liked the way that turned out, because it really looks more like a mushroom, even with pinkish stalks. I forgot to photograph this part though, so I will have to settle for a spotted picture.
  5. Add a second or third coat on top. You don’t want the white to show through on the cap like mine did.
  6. Once the cap is fully dry, squirt a small blob of white paint on a plate. Using the plastic end of your small paintbrush (or whatever tool you use), dip the end in the paint and gently poke the cap. Do not move the brush when it’s on the cap. This will mess up your gorgeous spots.  The softer you dab,  the smaller the spot. Make as many spots as you like. I got more paint on the tip every second or third spot.
  7. Let it dry completely. This is particularly important or else the spots will smear during the next step.
  8. Once everything is dry, you are ready to attach your magnets! The best thing for me was to take the cap off the glue. I ended up with lots of glue on my fingers which I don’t mind but you can also use the cap to control your glue flow.
  9. Get a magnet. If your magnets have the beveled edges, make sure the flat side faces up and the beveled edge is on the bottom. I held the magnet in my left hand, dipped an extra screw in glue and liberally applied the glue to the magnet with my right hand. You can use less glue if you don’t want any glue visible around the edges of the magnet . It dries clear though.
  10. Gently put the glue side on the base (bottom) of the mushroom. Position as needed, but be quick. This glue dries fast. Once all of your magnets are glued, let everything set for about 30 minutes for the glue to completely dry.

And you’re done!