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It’s Official!


See you guys, I’m already doing SO much better! It’s only been about a week this time instead of two months. But I won’t get too ahead of myself, one post doesn’t exactly make me the blogger extraordinaire. Not that I am anywhere close to that anyway.

Anyway, after a full week of distracting and confusing paperwork, I have been approved! All of the applications have been processed and the management company has accepted me. Me, a first time renter. Oh dear :). The lease is signed, the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. I am officially moving on February 29. That’s in four days. four. whole. days. Goodness Gracious me! It doesn’t sound too terrible until I tell you all that I’ve barely begun to pack. I have one box of books, boxes of dishes and kitchen ware, two boxes of papers, and two boxes of clothes/blankets. My room is a disaster and I have so much left to do and only four days to do it. The nice thing is I have most of Sunday off. I’m designating that to be a packing/cleaning/getting ready day. Hopefully.

My roommate, who I decided to playfully nickname Banana for the purposes of this blog, is almost as excited as I am. Banana is working to get the electricity set up in her name. Today I made an appointment to get the water turned on in mine. Utilities Part 1 of 2 is accomplished! In order to get our keys on the 29th, Banana and I have to have confirmation numbers that our utilities are established. I also filed my change of address with the post office and set up mail forwarding until I have a chance to contact the many places that need my new address. So. Much. To. Do! But it’s really quite exciting. I’m getting a new bed for my birthday next week, so I’ll go pick it up and take it straight to my new apartment. How cool is that?! I should have pictures of moving day, if my head doesn’t explode first.

I can already tell that I’ll be that person that still hasn’t fully unpacked six months after moving. Grr. In other good news, my mother was chatting with her friends at work last weekend about me moving and they collected a lot of unused items in their homes to pass on me. Mostly kitchen stuff and towels, which is lovely because that’s what I need the most. I can’t wait to move!!